Sunday, 30 June 2013

Useful trick to remember some shapes

In learning unit 1, the following basic outlines are presented
As I looked at these outlines, I realised something: k, g, r and l are all the shape one makes with their their tongue to make the same sound! Try it now, make a k sound and notice how the tongue's shape is very similar for the k outline. I use this trick to distinguish between r and k constantly. Also, in this unit voiced constants are longer than unvoiced (this may be general, but I don't know enough Gregg yet to say so).

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Learning Gregg Shorthand

This blog is going to be about my journey in learning Gregg Shorthand. For those who don't know, Gregg Shorthand is a system of writing which allows the writer to record speech live, as it is spoken. It is possible to reach speeds of 200 wpm with this technique! If you still want to know more, click here for more info.

I'll be learning the Anniversary Edition of Gregg Shorthand, which can be found at (It is a long time out of print, so it's much easier to use the pdf; later versions of Gregg also tend to be slower for reasons which are explained at

I'll be trying to post every Friday with my progress (and possibly things I've noticed which helped me to learn). So sit back, relax, and come learn with me!